F7 aarrghh : how get gnome back?

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Sat Jul 12 19:22:52 UTC 2008

	I have an oldish (four or five year) machine, which I thought had 
major mechanical failure -- it would boot from any live CD, but not from 
the hard drive. Then a young friend who speaks hardware came and ran 
tests on it. He concluded that it just wasn't up to F9.

	So I DBANned it, and installed F7 from a live CD I still had.

	I've been tweaking the install with pirut -- and frequent reboots 
to be sure I hadn't broken anything. On the last one, logging in as user, 
I decided to make sure it not only brought up Gnome, but had Gnome as the 
default session.

	I got a little hasty and careless, hitting enter to soon -- and 
*very* inadvertently made the default session KDE, which I happen to be 
intensely allergic to.

	I can't remember the exact name of the app that lets you change 
-- and KDE is acting as if Gnome either didn't exist, or were taboo. 

	What do I do to get Gnome back onto the login session menu??

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