Success in installing Office 2003 under wine 1.0 in F8

Mike mike.cloaked at
Sat Jul 12 20:45:38 UTC 2008

Some days ago I posted some queries as I had been unable to successfully
install Office 2003 (Specifically Word 2003 and Excel 2003) to run under
wine in a fully up to date F8 system in the KDE 3.5 desktop.

Having looked at various older snippets of information from various
how-to and guide documents on the web I finally found a method that
yielded a working Office 2003 this evening, so I thought I would post
the method so that others who may have been just as frustrated as I was
could use the same approach.

The method for F8 is as follows:

First as root:
# yum install wine wine-docs (if not already done)
Then insert office 2003 cd or mount the iso file:
(This assumes a mount point /mnt/tmp has already been made)
# mount -o loop,unhide /path/to/office11.iso /mnt/tmp

1) Then as normal user:
Check the audio tab, and accept alsa. Accept the change, and quit from
the setup.
(Assume that you have previously copied the winetricks script
2) use winetricks to install gecko, corefonts, msxml3, riched20, riched30
 and gdiplus
(You may need to do it in stages rather than all at once - 
I did gecko and corefonts, then riched20 and 30, then msxml3 and finally
3) cd /mnt/tmp
Install office 2003 (wine setup.exe), and choose options (I did 
custom install and chose my options but a typical install is quicker)

4) to disable annoying language bar:
$ wine cmd
$ c:\>regsvr32.exe /u msutb.dll
$ c:\>exit

Now use the k menu to run Excel or Word 2003 apps from the wine menu item.

Note: Equation Editor fails to work in Word (been bust for a while I think)

But at least this works and the frustrating errors when trying run either 
of these apps without doing the additional steps as above are now cured, 
at least until wine has fixes in place so that the additional install steps
are no longer required.

Hope this helps others to get Office 2003 working in F8. I have not tried
yet in F9 but perhaps the method will work there also?

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