Upgrading to Fedora 9 from Fedora 8 fails

Douglas Otis doug.mtview at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 23:43:11 UTC 2008

This failure happened on two separate systems in an identical fashion,  
an AMD Athlon, and an Intel dual core.

The upgrade appeared to operate normally, but then Grub shows a kernel  
of, X11 fails, with a text prompt of Fedora release 9.

Yum fails and reports a phython module of _sha256 is missing.  The  
phython, lib, and crypto versions look current, but some have a .fc8  
extension instead of the .fc9.

It would appear whatever happened to phython, prevented Grub from  
being configured for Fedora 9.

Is there a simple way out, other than depending upon backups  
working?   I have been doing upgrades in this manner since Fedora 2.   
This is the first time an upgrade resulted in such a puzzle.  Is there  
something about the number 9 and desktop versions from RH?

Should I attempt to install the .fc9 versions of phython?

Advice would be appreciated, to help void making this a worse mess.



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