Upgrading to Fedora 9 from Fedora 8 fails

kimberly402 at cox.net kimberly402 at cox.net
Sat Jul 12 23:58:18 UTC 2008

can you help me with fedora I'm just starting to learn fedora and i have 9 already

thanks Kim
---- Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at courier-mta.com> wrote: 
> Douglas Otis writes:
> > Is there a simple way out, other than depending upon backups  
> > working?   I have been doing upgrades in this manner since Fedora 2.   
> > This is the first time an upgrade resulted in such a puzzle.  Is there  
> > something about the number 9 and desktop versions from RH?
> It would seem so. I think only one of my machines had an event-free upgrade 
> from F8 to F9. All the other ones broke. Some, rather horridly.
> > Should I attempt to install the .fc9 versions of phython?
> > 
> > Advice would be appreciated, to help void making this a worse mess.
> If you can boot to a root shell, run 'rpm --rebuilddb' to make sure that 
> your rpm database is not damaged. Then, mount an F9 install disk. Make sure 
> that glibc and rpm are upgraded, first, then grub and initrd rpms. Then, rpm 
> -i the F9 kernel, and reboot. After rebooting, remount the F9 install disk, 
> go back into the packages subdirectory, then try running rpm -UvhF *.rpm, 
> and see what happens.

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