Help with Fedora 9 by newbie (was Re: Upgrading to Fedora 9 from Fedora 8 fails)

stan goedigi89__e at
Sun Jul 13 00:31:23 UTC 2008

kimberly402 at wrote:
> can you help me with fedora I'm just starting to learn fedora and i have 9 already
> thanks Kim
Hi Kim,

What you've done is called hijacking.  :-)   You responded to a thread 
about something else instead of creating your own thread.  That's a 
no-no, the first thing to learn about Fedora.  ;-)

What exactly did you need to know.  There are lots of resources in the 
Fedora wiki and on the web.  In fact, probably an overwhelming amount of 
resources.  So your request needs to be narrowed down a little.

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