Closed source modules will be banned from kernel?

max maximilianbianco at
Sun Jul 13 04:10:15 UTC 2008

Andrew Kelly wrote:

>> There is evidence of intelligence in your response. 
> :-)
> I just wrote a page and a half of quippy bits spinning off that line,
> that I'm filing away for some future use, thank you.
> Oh, wait, that might be open for misinterpretation, sorry. Nothing
> derogatory or anything like that. No insults, taken or offered.

you will find me difficult to insult but if you think you can then by 
all means go ahead.

> I just sometimes have odd creative bursts that can be set off with
> absolutely minimal input. I once wrote a 60 minute sitcom pilot and
> outlined the first 12 half-hour episodes based on a two word non
> sequitur that I overheard at a supermarket.
:^)knowledge of self is the best kind of knowledge to have , recognize 
the switch and then you can learn how to flip it.

> It was written by a journalist named Wulfing von Rohr. German title is 
> "Was lehrte Jesus Wirklich?"
> and has the impossible sub-title of "Wie man auch heute noch über Jesus
> mit Gott in Verbindung treten kann / Die verborgene Botschaft der
> Bibel". I don't think the book has ever appeared in English. A rough
> translation of the title would be,
> "What did Jesus really teach? How even today you can connect directly to
> God through Jesus / The hidden message of the Bible".
There is a line in there somewhere about turning the other cheek but it 
doesn't appear to have translated very well.

>> necessarily say anything about your intelligence level but I'd be very 
>> surprised if you didn't have a recommendation or two.
> Oh, I could offer a few ;-) 
> Where do you want to go today?

Doesn't matter. Everyplace I go is the same but different. Different 
factors are perceived from different angles , until finally the 
realization that you will never arrive at a single reason/cause for 
anything. Some factors have a greater impact than others but there will 
always be more than one reason for a given outcome.

> It's hard to just toss a quick compendium out there, though, not knowing
> who you are, where you've been, what your current direction is, or where
> your interests might be.
> I'm into electric blues guitar, theology, alternative medicine and much
> of the esoteric, as well as being a quiet observer of my fellow man and
> his often glaring failings. Other interests, of course, but that's a big
> block of me.
I am interested in everything. Simultaneously my greatest strength and 
weakness. I never presume to 'know it all' but I act like I do :^) Its 
quite infuriating if your not me. Luckily I don't have that problem;^)



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