Upgrading to Fedora 9 from Fedora 8 fails

Douglas Otis doug.mtview at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 05:15:57 UTC 2008

On Jul 12, 2008, at 4:55 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:

> Douglas Otis writes:
>> Is there a simple way out, other than depending upon backups   
>> working?   I have been doing upgrades in this manner since Fedora  
>> 2.   This is the first time an upgrade resulted in such a puzzle.   
>> Is there  something about the number 9 and desktop versions from RH?
> It would seem so. I think only one of my machines had an event-free  
> upgrade from F8 to F9. All the other ones broke. Some, rather  
> horridly.
>> Should I attempt to install the .fc9 versions of phython?
>> Advice would be appreciated, to help void making this a worse mess.
> If you can boot to a root shell, run 'rpm --rebuilddb' to make sure  
> that your rpm database is not damaged. Then, mount an F9 install  
> disk. Make sure that glibc and rpm are upgraded, first, then grub  
> and initrd rpms. Then, rpm -i the F9 kernel, and reboot. After  
> rebooting, remount the F9 install disk, go back into the packages  
> subdirectory, then try running rpm -UvhF *.rpm, and see what happens.

Thanks for the help, although your advice was not exactly followed.   
The big clue was that Fedora 9 upgrade process had many problems.  The  
wiki should offer more of a warning IMHO.  The installation of the  
kernel and kernel headers were forced since rpm indicated fedora 8  
kernel was newer (perhaps it was).  A list was generated using rpm -qa  
|grep phython|sort with ls |grep python|sort within the installation  
Packages directory.  There were a few instances where fedora 8 was  
newer than fedora 9.  Packages with the same packaging values were  
also forced to be sure.  This seems to have worked.  At least the  
system fully boots without failures, and is currently updating. : )

It seems there is a step missing in the upgrade process where a list  
of files currently out of sync with the installation package is first  
obtained.  There must be gaps in the dependency specifications?


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