NetworkManager: How to set caching nameserver?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Jul 13 14:08:45 UTC 2008

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

> Meanwhile, I use it when it works, and I when it doesn't, I try to
> troubleshoot it and file bugs or turn it off and use the individual
> tools that it tries to tie together.  And I try very hard to be
> patient...

The basic problem with NM is not so much bugs
as the lack of any documentation,
or indication of what is wrong, and what might be done to put it right,
if NM does not work.

The NM developers must be perfectly well aware of this,
and must have decided that their time is better spent
introducing more features into NM
than documenting those already there.

One thing I will say for NM is that WiFi under Windows
seems to suffer from much the same fate, or worse -
if it does not work, the Windows WiFi troubleshooting wizard
is completely useless.
Maybe it is better to have no documentation
than useless documentation ...

Just to be a bit more precise, what I would like from NM
is error messages along the lines: "The AP you specify
does not accept your WEP code", or "There is no response
from the AP you specify", etc.
In the Good Old Days when memory and storage space was short
"Error no 18374" was acceptable.
Nowadays, inadequate error messages are just a sign of laziness
on the part of the developer.

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