Installer and disk druid

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Jul 13 14:14:36 UTC 2008

Bruno Costacurta wrote:

> my PC has three disks.
> Two of them where previously configured as RAID1+LVM but this
> configuration was removed since : using fdisk I created other partitions
> and already installed other distros like Debian and Gentoo (via a single
> /boot partition shared by all distros via GRUB loader).
> -- my problem :
> I'm trying to install Fedora-9 on a specific partition but the Fedora
> installer (and disk druid) continues to see previous RAID1+LVM and not the
> specific disks !?!
> -- my questions :
> Where does Fedora grab its partition tables ?
> How to modify / correct partitions if fdisk is not enough for Fedora ?

Why not use the "Custom layout" option?
That allows you to partition as you please, I think.

Personally, I am not fond of Disk Druid, to put it mildly.
I always use Knoppix, or something like that,
to partition as I want, not as some wizard thinks is best for me.
Then I use Custom Layout when installing Fedora.

Also, I used to be a fan of LVM, but it caused chaos 
on a couple of occasions, so I have abandoned it.
I wonder if that has happened to many Fedora users?

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