Autostart under KDE-4

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Jul 13 14:44:23 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:

>> KDE-4 does not seem to remember the programs running on logout
>> as KDE-3 did.
>> Is there any way of telling KDE-4,
>> "I want program X running on desktop Y when I login"?
> Recently I have found that it did remember.  Are you fully updated?

Yes, I always keep up-to-date with standard Fedora,
but I haven't found Fedora's memory improving.

Incidentally, I see I have an empty .kde/Autostart/ directory
(I'm a Fedora-9/KDE user).
Is there some file I could put there that would eg
cause kmail to start in Desktop 2 when I login?

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