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Sun Jul 13 15:38:25 UTC 2008

Andrea Bencini wrote:
> I have a local Network ( and my default gateway is a 
> firewall (fw;eth0= with linux OS and netfilter.
> I must add a local subnet ( under my local network.
> The local network ( and local subnet ( are 
> connected by linux machine with netfilter 
> (fwgw;etho=,eth1=
> Clients in local network have firewall ( as their default 
> gateway.
> To send a packet from local network client to local subnet client I have 
> added a static route in the firewall (
> route add -net gw
> I run ping or ssh from local network client to local subnet client, but 
> I cann't reach my target.
> What do I have to add or to change in my firewall machine (
> Thanks
> Andrea
I take it that is your gateway. Is that machine 
configured to forward packets between subnets? Also, are the 
machines on the configured to use the Linux machine as 
their gateway, at least for the subnet?

It would cut down on network traffic if you added the route to the subnet to all the machines on the subnet. If 
you are using a DHCP server, it should not be too hard to add the route.

I have never run a double gateway like this on the same network, so 
there also may be more that is needed on the firewall machine.


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