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g geleem at
Mon Jul 14 04:58:56 UTC 2008

Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 14Jul2008 04:06, g <geleem at> wrote:
>> Cameron Simpson wrote:
>>> You can also just start the X server using the
>>>   -config /etc/special-purpose-xorg.conf-file
>>> option, avoiding copying files. Both startx and xinit let you
>>> pass options to the X server they invoke.
>> was not aware. never had need.
>> does not '/etc/special-purpose-xorg.conf-file' have to be built also?
> Definitely, exactly as you had suggested. It just avoids the need to copy the
> purpose made configs around.

so all he needs is a script to pass arguments to test with 'if' or
'case' to select which 'xorg.conf' to be used.

good to know. much neater.




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