Clicking on URL in konsole

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Jul 14 13:08:41 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:

>> > When I hover over an URL in konsole
>> > (or some program like vim running in a konsole window)
>> > the URL is highlighted (underlined)
>> > but clicking on it has no effect.
>> >
>> > Is there some way of enabling such a click
>> > to bring up the URL in my browser (Firefox)?
>> You can right click on that URL, and select "copy link address"
>> There was a thread about making Firefox the default web browser through
>> the KDE menu...if you can make that work, then you could right click on
>> the URL and then click "Open Link".
> Haven't tried it from a konsole link, but the setting is in System
> Settings > Default Applications > Web Browser.

Thanks, I hadn't seen that, and have set it now.

I don't really see why one should right-click on an URL in konsole,
when in every other situation one left clicks on an URL.
But c'est la vie.

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