can't connect to windows

Mark Haney mhaney at
Mon Jul 14 14:55:35 UTC 2008

lee wrote:
> I first sent this e-mail over the weekend, I'm resending it today 
> because I still need help. FC9 was a clean install and I'm using gnome 
> windows.
> With fc8 I had no trouble connecting to my home and work windows pc's.
> Same laptop fc9  not working.  I check  samba  and smb.conf  and can see
> nothing wrong. the only thing  I have found  is  doing  ps -ef on smp.
> the 1st looks ok
> Lee

You shouldn't need smbd running on the laptop to connect to Windows 
boxes.  At least I don't when I connect to a couple of my servers from 
my laptop.

What are the error messages you are getting when you try to connect? 
Have you tried from the command line?  What is the output you get when 
you try that?

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