Fedora 9 'git' source kernel ??

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon Jul 14 18:29:41 UTC 2008

William Case wrote:
> I am in the process of trying to make up my mind which would be most
> useful to me.  Exploring the vanilla kernel, or the source for what
> I have on my machine.  At this point I only want to look-and-see,
> not build. Building will come later for me, I am sure.

If you don't mind learning a bit about git (and it seems you have
friends in your LUG that can help there), it may prove helpful in
poking through the source code.  Things like git blame can tell you
who madified each line in a file and in what revision.  That can be
handy when trying to follow the history and evolution of a file.

"git grep" is also handy and seems to be faster than "grep -r" to
search a large source tree (though I haven't tested that

When it comes time to building your own kernel, then you can easily
follow the steps on the Fedora wiki to create a kernel that will work
nicely with your Fedora system.  The Fedora kernel aims to be as close
to the vanilla kernel as can be, but there are always at least a few
patches -- often from upstream kernel developers.

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