modprobe & blacklist

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Tue Jul 15 13:20:13 UTC 2008

Tod Merley wrote:
> Hi John Jarvis!
> I would look carefully at the output of lsmod before and after the use
> of rmmod.  Likey there is another "companion" module you need to
> blacklist to make this work.  To make one of my wireless modems work
> for example I neede to blacklist oronco and oronco_cs to get the job
> done.
I would use modprobe -r instead of rmmod. It will remove the modules 
loaded because of the module you are removing, unless they are used 
by something else as well. You might find a script like this useful: 

lsmod > $temp1
modprobe -r <module>
lsmod > $temp2
diff $temp1 $temp2 | less
rm $temp1 $temp2

The rm step is optional - if you think you will want to use the 
files again, remove it. You do not really need to use lsmod1.$$ and 
lsmod2.$$ - you could just use lsmod.$$, but if you want to look at 
the files by hand, it helps to keep them straight.


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