"the whole GNU/Linux thing"

Björn Persson listor3.rombobeorn at tdcpost.se
Wed Jul 16 07:47:26 UTC 2008

Daniel R. Koehler wrote:
> Maybe we should just refer to the whole GNU/Linux
> thing with a new name, that includes neither
> "GNU" or "Linux".  Call it Everyone's Operating
> System (EOS) or something that is more creative
> than what I can think of right now.

But what *is* that "whole thing" that might be called EOS? Where can I 
download it from? Is there a list of what components it contains? We need to 
define what it is before we can give it a name.

> That way, 
> everyone can form a picture in their own mind of
> what it means, be it the kernel, the interface,
> the tools, the distribution, or whatever.

I think one of the major causes for this eternal argument is just that. 
Everyone forms their own picture of what "Linux" or "GNU/Linux" means, and 
people keep talking past each other because they don't realize that they're 
talking about different things.

Björn Persson

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