major problem after enabling desktop effects (F9)...

Alexander Apprich a.apprich at
Wed Jul 16 08:39:03 UTC 2008

Hi Mike,

Mike Chalmers wrote:
> After I enabled desktop effects from the system settings, a major
> problem happened. First, the log in screen came up so I logged in.
> After I logged in it started to boot with the splash screen and after
> the splash screen was gone all I could see is a my mouse pointer and a
> black background. I can't do anything! Once again all I have is a
> mouse pointer and a black screen after I log in. Many thanks.

I had the same probleme with F8. In my case it was the nvidia driver.
If you are using nvidia and you have the livna repo too try the
following steps...

Log/Boot into runlevel 3

as root run "yum remove kmod-nvidia" and "yum install kmod-nvidia"

switch/boot back into runlevel 5

and all should be fine again.


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