major problem after enabling desktop effects (F9)...

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Jul 16 08:46:55 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 16 July 2008 06:43:50 Mike Chalmers wrote:
> After I enabled desktop effects from the system settings, a major
> problem happened. First, the log in screen came up so I logged in.
> After I logged in it started to boot with the splash screen and after
> the splash screen was gone all I could see is a my mouse pointer and a
> black background. I can't do anything! Once again all I have is a
> mouse pointer and a black screen after I log in. Many thanks.

I think there are two separate issues.  Desktop effects in KDE4 (especially 
4.0) cause problems with some video cards.  I wasn't intending to use heavy 
effects, but I had to turn them off on this laptop, as I had silly problems 
like clicking on the clock brought up a shadow where the calendar should have 

The reason for your problem, though, has not been discovered.  You are the 
third person I've come across other than myself.  I believe it happened to me 
after a batch of updates (see Bug #454055).  The only cure I've seen is to 
rename ~/.kde and restart.  You can then copy back your important files from 
~/.kde.bak/share/apps and ~/.kde.bak/share/config.

Less than satisfactory answer, but at least you get to work again.

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