Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

John Burton j.c.burton at gats-inc.com
Wed Jul 16 13:52:49 UTC 2008

Gordon Messmer wrote:
> The side effect of the unneeded restriction of $90k dollars for a 
> Mercedes is that I don't get to drive one.  Cry me a river.  
> Cooperation is the cost of reusing GPL licensed software.
> Close your eyes for a moment and picture a big red tag that reads:
> That's the GPL.
Okay, here are a couple of questions I haven't seen answered. There are 
several "license" schemes put forth for Open Source software. GPL and 
BSD are two that come to mind immediately. The purpose of "open source" 
is to counter the traditional closed source model of software.
 o Which OSS license scheme does the best job of promoting "cooperation" 
and reuse of the software? why?
 o Programmers live in the real world. They have to do mundane things 
like pay rent/mortgages, pay bills (heat, gas, internet connection, 
etc). Which OSS license scheme does the best job of supporting the 
programmer ? (if the programmer has to spend 1/2 their time fund-raising 
to support their programming, then is it worthwhile?) Why?


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