SOLVED: F9 Problem setting resolution and video lockups

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Wed Jul 16 14:06:12 UTC 2008

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, g wrote:

>> 	I finally got this working.  I had to go and find the exact specs 
>> for
> great. give yourself a 'pat on back' and a 'that a boy'. you deserve it.

 	Thanks.  It reminded me of the days back when you had to manually 
setup X.  It was a pain-in-the-@$$ back then, too.

> how far off where settings or did you notice?

 	The problem was that the X defaults for H and V ranges weren't 
close to what the monitor specs were.  Same with the mode lines.  Manually 
plugging them in got it working.

> if it were a perfect world there would be just 2 operating systems, 
> linux and unix, then oems would be more willing to release their specs.

 	I always did have a fondness for MVS, though.  ;-)

>> I also needed to add the actual modes in the screen section.
> you really only need what you are going to use, unless you are going to 
> do a lot of screen magnifying.

 	I stuck in 1280x1024 and 1024x768 manually and, when s-c-display 
ran, it filled in all the rest.

> you might want to send a bug correction on for monitor. who knows, some 
> one else might buy one and try to use it in f9. ;o)

 	I've had this one for around 9 or so years (and it was new when I 
got it).  If I can devine where to put the info into bugzilla I'll do so. 
Just for google I'll put the info here as well.

Vendor: Daewoo
Model: DWE-707B
Resolution: 1280x1024, VideoMode1,
H-V SyncFrequency: 30.0-69.0,50.0-120.0,
H-V SyncPolarity: +,-

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