"the whole GNU/Linux thing"

Dan Koehler darthbulk at warp-7.com
Wed Jul 16 14:08:58 UTC 2008

At 08:03 AM 7/16/2008, you wrote:
>Daniel R. Koehler wrote:
> > Maybe we should just refer to the whole GNU/Linux
> > thing with a new name, that includes neither
> > "GNU" or "Linux".  Call it Everyone's Operating
> > System (EOS) or something that is more creative
> > than what I can think of right now.
>But what *is* that "whole thing" that might be called EOS? Where can I
>download it from? Is there a list of what components it contains? We need to
>define what it is before we can give it a name.
> > That way,
> > everyone can form a picture in their own mind of
> > what it means, be it the kernel, the interface,
> > the tools, the distribution, or whatever.
>I think one of the major causes for this eternal argument is just that.
>Everyone forms their own picture of what "Linux" or "GNU/Linux" means, and
>people keep talking past each other because they don't realize that they're
>talking about different things.
>Bj?rn Persson

         You are right, that is the rub.  I am reminded of a bit of 
wisdom from my technical writing days:  Know your audience.  For many 
members of this list, when speaking about "GNU/Linux", there is a 
definite meaning and even personal feelings about this, so one must 
choose their words well.  I think GNU/Linux is fine.  For most people 
who just use the distributions on a daily basis, terms like "Fedora" 
or "Linux" or "Fedora:  A Linux OS" all mean the same thing, even if 
not technically correct.  If I even say "GNU" they give a blank stare.
         I have no problem with using the term "GNU/Linux", with the 
right audience.  But I more often just use the distribution names.
         I apologize for my earlier long post with everything 
quoted.  I was using an unfamiliar computer and email client, and it 
obviously didn't work right.

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