Latest kernel update (, locks up and freezes computer.

Dan Thurman dant at
Wed Jul 16 15:13:58 UTC 2008

The latest kernel completely locked up, my screen blanked
into technicolor random bitmaps, keyboard locked out,
no network access in or out.  Rebooting back to the previous
kernel was ok as I type up this message.

I noticed that during the recent update, the computer froze
up and rebooted itself, but on the next login, I was able
to resume the updates.  Minutes later (15-30?), that was
when the lock ups started coming in.  The lock ups are

So, the question is, how to I test this to ensure that it is
not my setup - there is nothing that I can see reported in
the logs attesting to such a major lock up.

If anyone wants followup to chase this down, let me know
in details what to do!


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