Recording Internet audio stream

Jorge Fábregas jorge.fabregas at
Wed Jul 16 17:24:38 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 16 July 2008 01:10:09 pm Paul Smith wrote:
> With this one:

Well, with this one indeed it doesn't work. It's not a flash video as the 
other one was.

 Here you'll have to use the Flashblock add-on tip that Tim suggested.  I just 
did it now and right-clicked on the blocked-flash and selected "Copy flash 
location". Then I used wget to grab the file.

The problem now is that mplayer won't handle the swf file.  MPlayer will only 
play flv files.  You'll need to investigate this...   Or you could use 
Audacity to record "what you are hearing". You'll have to play with your 
mixer to select the proper input.


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