Acknowledge consent before login

g geleem at
Wed Jul 16 18:37:37 UTC 2008

Stephen Berg (Contractor) wrote:
> I'm searching for a method to display a consent to monitoring statement 
> on either GDM or KDM in Fedora 9.  I'm not tied into either display 

an interesting question, which you may not have found and answer.

i do not know how this would work, and maybe some others can make some
further suggestions.

years back under cromix and early unix, i modified 'passwd' to restrict
logins to certain programs.

applying this to linux, should/may not be all that different.

instead of using '/bin/bash' as startup shell, consider something like

'consent' could then be a script to display consent agreement and prompt
for a 'y/n' reply. if $1 = 'y' then startx. if $1 = 'n' then exit.

something to think about.





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