major problem after enabling desktop effects (F9)...

Mike Chalmers mikechalmers70 at
Wed Jul 16 21:20:15 UTC 2008

> Sorry, Mike.  I didn't realise that you hadn't got past that stage.
>  At bootup, as soon as you see the 'Booting Fedora in x seconds...' hit any
>  key.  That will bring up a screen with the kernels you have installed listed.
>  Unless you have any reason not to, you should edit the top one.  'e' brings
>  up edit mode.  (I'm working from memory, so I could be out on detail, but
>  you'll be able to follow with the aid of the  prompts that are on screen.)
>  This screen shows the bootup command, split into three lines.  Move to the end
>  of the second line and put a '3' there.  Hitting 'b' will then boot from that
>  prompt, giving you a one-off text-console boot.  Log in as yourself, then
>  mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.sav
>  reboot
>  This time you should get your graphical login and you will have a new ~/.kde.
>  You can copy mail settings and anything else you need back from the saved
>  folder.  You'll find things in ~/.kde.sav/share/apps and
>  ~/.kde.sav/share/config.
>  To find out whether you have the video package, open konsole and type
>  rpm -qa  xorg-x11-drv
>  If nothing returns you haven't got it installed.  If it is installed it will
>  give you the full version.
>  Anne
> --
When I typed in this, rpm -qa  xorg-x11-drv , command in the terminal
it gave me this:
[Preston at dhcppc0 ~]$ rpm -qa  xorg-x11-drv
[Preston at dhcppc0 ~]$

I am on a buddy's email, so that is why the name is different, I have
been meaning to get my own.

So I guess that it is not installed. The problem is that I can't login
to KDE, I can in Gnome though.

I will give what you said a try about:
mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.sav

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