GNOME panels misbehaving

Andre Costa blueser at
Wed Jul 16 23:34:49 UTC 2008


I just installed F9[*] and I am experiencing some weird behavior: I
like to swap GNOME panels, leaving the one with the window list applet
at the top, and the one with the menu at the bottom. It works fine
while my session is running, but if I log out and then back in, the
panel with the menu (which should be at the bottom) is stuck at the
top, right below the other (that should indeed be at the top). If I
try to change its position to "bottom", it simply refuses and stays

So far I have given up and am using the one with the menu at the top,
but it is of course humiliating to be defeated by an applet ;-)

Anyone else experienced this? Any workaround? Should I file a bug report?



[*] BTW: I simply *hated* the new GDM -- the background is horrendous,
and I don't like the user chooser panel. And as if this wasn't a bad
enough first impression, there's no easy way to change it. I already
found out how to do it, but I have to say that it would have made much
more sense to release it only with F10, with the proper configuration
tools. Bad move. OTOH I am very impressed with PackageKit so far...

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