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g geleem at
Thu Jul 17 05:04:22 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:
> I'm inclined to make a pithy comment about the military and truth, but I
> don't think I'll bother.  ;-)

there is a lot of controversy about such, some of which i might tend to
agree. not bothering, i do agree with. this list is just not place for
it, even as an 'ot'.

> Going back to what I said earlier, though.  There's little difference

i can tell you have never been in military, as there is a long and true
saying. 'there is a right way, a wrong way, and a military way'.

> their obligations either way, clicking on one more thing isn't going to
> force them to do what they should.

no. it does not. but it does give warning and from this warning, if they
violate, then they are subject to full military prosecution.

> I can't help but wonder if Fedora would be appropriate for military use,

i am at wonder about use of fedora also. my understanding is that only
redhat has meet government and military requirements.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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