Newbie Warnng! : Fedora Core Offline Updates

Rance Hall ranceh at
Thu Jul 17 11:47:21 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 9:49 AM, stan <goedigi89__e at> wrote:

> You could just set up two identical machines, one on the internet, one off.
>  Set up yum to cache the packages on the machine connected to the internet.
>  Use the cache to burn a DVD.  The packages are all signed with a redhat key
> that would be verified on the offline machine, so you could be sure of
> getting unadulterated packages.  The online machine would just be a dummy
> for getting the packages.  Turn off all services and set up the firewall to
> be very restrictive.  No local data, just the bare installation with all the
> packages of the offline machine.  To be even more paranoid, only boot and
> check for updates, then shut it down, so you are only on the net for the
> duration of the package downloads and update.
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What about this:  When you setup Fedora tell it that the public
interface does not come up automatically.

os as root then:

ifup eth0
(optionally start firewall)
yum update
(optionally stop firewall)
ifdown eth0

and plug the machine in to the net, but dont activate the network
adapter at all till you need it.

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