Current Respin for F9, or how to build updated F9 live dvd on an F7 system?

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at
Thu Jul 17 14:59:57 UTC 2008

Paul Johnson wrote, On 07/17/2008 10:38 AM:
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 11:23 PM, g <geleem at> wrote:
>> Paul Johnson wrote:
>>> Fedora Unity community (  web site, where it
>>> appears there has not been a respin of F9 (only a spin of Everything
>> check these;
<Links to FU spins that are do not include updated versions of F9>
> Please be more explicit.  What are you referring to exactly?  I said
> in my original post there is no Fedora 9 respin available on the
> Fedora Unity site. There are F8 respins from May and there is only
> "Fedora 9 (Everything).".
> pj

If I understand correctly Paul is looking for how to make his own respin, 
because he is tired of waiting for A) his fresh installs to pull the huge 
update set every time, and B) for the unity folks to make an _updated_ spin of F9.
Perhaps you would work with Bill Cody a bit to update the RedHat-CD-HOWTO[1], 
or a new bit of documentation up on fedoraunity[3], using info pointed to by 
one of my emails the other day[2].

Of course the alternative would include having a USB hard drive with a mirror 
of fedora/linux/updates/9/<arch> on it, but that means you still have to 
install the old package and then wait while the system figures out how to 
update to the new package.


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