sendmail not sending

John Cornelius jc at
Thu Jul 17 19:25:45 UTC 2008

Robert Holtzman wrote:
> Sendmail/alpine not sending mail on newly installed FC9. Incoming 
> messages arrive O.K. The correct SMTP server is in the ~/.pinerc file. 
> The maillog entries are *way* too cryptic for me to decipher.
> Any pointers short of trying to wade thru the *choke* sendmail 
> configuration file?

You might try setting sendmail up with webmin, it's much more tractable 
and makes sure that things are consistent.   You can install webmin with 
'yum install webmin' I think.

Webmin uses your browser to communicate on port 10000 so after 
installation you can surf to <yourhostname>.<yourdomainname>.<your 
TLD>:10000 and log in as root.

I don't recommend editing or any other sendmail files 
manually. It's a can of worms and it's easy to break sendmail that way.

John Cornelius

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