setroub;eshoot problem

Steve zephod at
Fri Jul 18 12:47:58 UTC 2008

> ---- max <maximilianbianco at> wrote: 

> > 2 - The only other sane thing I could advise you too do is bounce your 
> > question off the fedora-selinux list. I would include a reference to 
> > this thread and all the relevant details. The kernel your running, the 
> > policy version (rpm -qa | grep selinux...setrouble) , setroubleshoot 
> > version, the error messages below , and that you run in permissive and 
> > used preupgrade to go from f8 to f9.
> > This will ensure that the right people see your message, this list is 
> > also monitored but I think when they get busy fedora-selinux is likely 
> > to still get checked more often than fedora-list.
> I was trying to avoid this. I already get several hundred e-mails per day  and I would guess that the selinux list is pretty busy too. Oh well, I'll just have to deal with it for a while.

I found this in the SELinux list archives:

which appears to say there was a problem but it was fixed in a patch. I wonder if it has not made it to F9 yet?


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