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Fri Jul 18 14:51:47 UTC 2008

On Friday 18 July 2008, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>type flockOn Fri, 18 Jul 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Arnav Kalra wrote:
>> > How can i install flock on my fedora 8 laptop
>> What is flock?  What are you looking for?
>flock is a social network-oriented browser, with hooks for stuff like
>facebook, linkedin, etc.
One old farts opinion:

Why should we enable these creeps who exist solely for the purpose of collecting 
data on its users for sale to the highest bidder, or in some cases as a 
cruising site by pedophiles looking to score some underage action?  Doubt me?  
Google for facebook and calling home, facebook's user client ignores your 
wishes to keep quiet, and calls home to facebook, reporting all your web 

As one lady observed, scroom & the camel that rode in on them.

Ditto for reunion.com, a bro-in-laws winderz box was infected just this past 
week.  It bombed everyone in his address database.

All that stuff from linkedin etc that come in here gets fed to sa-learn -spam.

For everyone who thinks those are neat sites, just remember TANSTAAFL.

Cheers, Gene
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