bind update keeps messing up write-rights

Kevin Martin kevintm at
Fri Jul 18 19:10:00 UTC 2008

>> you can chmod g+s, g+w /var/named/chroot/var/named to ensure that the
>> journal files are always created as group named
>> Craig
> I only see the problem occur after I update, not when I 
> restart/shutdown named.
> And I kinda had the same feeling, about not wanting to bother to try 
> and figure it out, but this has happened so many times before, I got 
> kinda annoyed of it :P
> And your solution, using chmod, might work if named recreates journal 
> files every restart. But when I restart named, it does not recreate 
> them. It just leaves them as they are (neither does it chown/chmod 
> them for that matter). Maybe RHEL recreates jnl files every restart, 
> but that I don't know :)
> Anyway, the bug is filed under:
> Regards, Gijs

Cool, glad that's been bugzilla'd as I've seen it happening for some 
time now as well but just went ahead and chmod'd and chown'd them as 
needed to get back to a working state.


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