smbclient -N --no-pass broken

Skunk Worx skunkworx at
Sat Jul 19 02:18:42 UTC 2008

So we disagree about mixing the -A (or -U) option(s) with the -N option 
to smbclient, and the change in semantics W/R/T "no prompt" vs. "break 
authentication" that happened between F7 and F9. I guess it's not a bug 
and I'll have to get over it.

The 80/20 issue is actually 95/5...about 5% failures right now. What 
appears to be happening is when the file system gets busy, and the 
process table has thousands of entries, smbclient starts (occasionally) 
prompting for the password, breaking the scripts. I assume this is due 
to some read error happening with the credentials file.

I want to say this doesn't happen on F7, but I can't state that 
positively any more, I found out today (to my dismay) some things 
changed recently in our test data mix and I don't have a spare F7 system 
to beat on until Tuesday.

Whether this 5% failure is the fault of our apps, the os, or smbclient 
is unknown to me at this time. I'll take a closer look next Tuesday.


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