that old GNU/Linux argument

John Cornelius jc at
Sat Jul 19 15:37:57 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 02:48 +0200, Björn Persson wrote:
>> Mark Haney wrote:
>>> Personally, I think the demand by Stallman, and others to call Linux
>>> 'GNU/Linux' is just stupid and childish.
>> What exactly is it that you don't want to call "GNU/Linux"? What pieces of 
>> software does it contain?
>> Is Udev part of what you call Linux?
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Yesterday I checked the licensing on Fedora and discovered that it's 
covered by nearly 150 different licenses and many of those licenses (at 
least 60 of them) are neither compliant nor compatible with GPLv?. In 
fact, some GPL licenses are not compatible or compliant with other GPL 
licenses but that's a different issue.

The multiplicity of licenses would seem to indicate that Fedora is not 
substantially a GNU undertaking although there seems to be significant 
cross pollenization between GNU and everybody else. That is as it should 
be and it explains with some succinctness why Fedora is not GNU/Linux.

Certainly the contributions of all involved are welcome, appreciated, 
and embraced by the entire community and the efforts of contributors are 
to be admired irrespective of their viewpoints.

Besides, a Gnu by any other name is just a big ugly antelope.

John Cornelius

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