that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sat Jul 19 22:11:07 UTC 2008

> Does anyone actually compile anything today?
I do :)
I compile mplayer from source, I compile gnome-mplayer, certain other programs as well :)  This way I have no one to blame but myself, when the new versions are released I recompile again and am happy with the results :)  
> Apart from developers, of course.
> I know FreeBSD-ers specialize in compiling everything every
> day,
> but they are strange people.
I use FreeBSD at school when I am working, It is actually fun to compile.  You do something like 
# cd /usr/ports/Application
# make && make install && make clean

and take off run some errands come back later and the Application should be installed(if there were no errors/bad download/or other dep programs that were not found).  

Many of us Fedora users are spoiled :)
Sometimes I compiled my own kernel, but nowadays I am happy to use the default Fedora kernel.  It is working great :)

BTW, when will they put out a 2.6.26 kernel out?

I know that in rawhide there is a 2.6.27-rcX kernel out, but a new 2.6.26-X kernel should be coming to mirror near you :)

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