Fedora 9 and VMWare Server

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sun Jul 20 01:11:42 UTC 2008

Mike Burger wrote:
>> Has anyone been able to get VMWare Server running on F9?
>> I've installed VMWare Server from the rpm, run the config
>> script and everything seems to be installed correctly.
>> When I try to connect to the web management server, it
>> tells me that the server is not responding.
> Noting that I've not worked, yet, with VMWare, at all, I still think the
> question needs to be asked:
> Did you start the VMWare server processes?

An easier question (based on how VMWare is packaged) is did you run the 
vmware-config.pl script that comes with the RPM?  It will shutdown any 
running services, and compile the necessary kernel modules for your 
running kernel (if you haven't made them already, and, no, just 
installing the RPM does not do this), and then start them up again.

After that (if it was successful), you should be able to connect to the 

Good Luck!

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