F9: List of packages that has missing geko-libs v1.9

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sun Jul 20 02:44:58 UTC 2008

Dan Thurman wrote:
> I get notifications constantly asking to update
> the following list.  Unfortunately, there is a
> conflict and it is saying:
> Error: Missing Dependency: gecko-libs = 1.9 is needed by package X
> where X is the following:
> devhelp
> emerald
> epiphany
> epiphany-extensions
> firefox
> gnomesword
> xulrunner
> xulrunner-devel
> yelp
> The important one for me is firefox.
> So what do I need to do to get these packages installed?

 From my investigation yesterday, gecko-libs is a capability that is 
supplied by xulrunner RPM.  I was able to update earlier this afternoon. 
  firefox, epiphany, yelp, and xulrunner were what was holding me up. 
(I don't have any of your other RPMs installed on my system.)
When I was able to update, cpio and system-config-language were also a 
part of the update.  Try again when these are available to you.

> Thanks!
> Dan

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