Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 20 04:13:13 UTC 2008

> > > Would the world be a better place with no GPL and
> all software created
> > > by those who now create code under the GPL
> putting it into the public
> > > domain instead?
> > 
> > Microsoft would almost certainly have been displaced
> years ago by many 
> > other companies building better products containing
> this code - or at 
> > least have been forced to build much better products
> to stay 
> > competitive.  That alone would have made the world a
> better place.
> ----
> I doubt that it would have made the world a better place
> any more than
> Coca-Cola does (and I'm a loyal Coke drinker).
> The fact is, it is not now, nor has it ever been a stated
> goal to
> 'displace' Microsoft...at least not by the major
> Linux players. You've
> confused your own aspirations with those of various
> contributors to that
> which is known as Linux.
> Craig
> -- 

All the deals go to Microsoft as they pay the vendors to sell their product(or get into deals with hardware vendors), 

A good example were the ASUS mini computers that were running Linux, but Microsoft stepped in (found this at Distrowatch)


If you go and buy a new computer, it will come with a version of Windows, with the exceptions out there DELL and others who offer preintalled Linux like Ubuntu, etc.

New users have to pay the Micro$oft Tax.  

It is very hard for Linux to compete against Microsoft in this regard.  

Now about the better products thing that Les has mentioned, this would not have been a problem as the product would have been bought out and become part of Microsoft :(  IT is sad but true.  Money talk$ and Bullshit walks!  Sorry I had to say that. 




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