that old GNU/Linux argument

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Jul 20 13:58:28 UTC 2008

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

>>> >> Bizarrely, it seems one has to pay for a "Live Hurd CD".
>> He might be inclined to charge for shipping and handling :)
> I agree any reasonable person would.  But he seemed to object to the
> idea of having to pay anything for Free Software.  I thought I'd try
> his implied offer and hope he'd see how bizarre his surprise was.

I didn't "object" to paying for a CD.
I simply pointed out that the long article on Hurd did not mention - 
what I would have thought would be the first thing to mention -
namely, where one could download this OS.
It only listed places where one can buy a CD.
Surely 99% of the people who might try Hurd would have broadband access?

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