How to control mount options on automounted devices ?

g geleem at
Sun Jul 20 17:15:37 UTC 2008

Gregory Hosler wrote:
> How do I set mount parameters for different types of file systems or for
> that matter devices with specific labels or ids?

answering your questions is extensive, so i suggest;

1st - 'man fstab' after reading, note 'see also' near end,
        run 'man' on listed pages and note 'see also' in them.

2nd - look thru '/usr/share/doc' for related files.

3rd - open in '/usr/share/doc/HTML' for index.html [or language of
       choice] fill in search info.

4th - log on to:
       fill in search info.

5th - continue to wait [2 days have pasted already] for someone else
       who has done above and willing to 'hold your hand' and give you

this can and should be done first before taking easy way out and asking
questions on a tech support list. then, after you have done above, post
to a tech support list and you will be able to better understand what
to ask and what repliers suggest and how to use suggestions.

this is not meant to be sarcastic, snide, or in any other way to be

it is to help you solve problems as you run into them and help you to
administer your linux systems.

linux is not msbsos, it does take more to learn it and be an
operator/administrator instead of just a user. you get out of linux
what you put into it. it can be a pleasure and joy, or pain in the
butt. your choice.

with exception of my clients, i tell same to every one i have helped
move into linux. none complain and in time i am thanked for doing as
i have.

'linux is more pleasurable to learn than just receive'.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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