that old GNU/Linux argument

Björn Persson listor3.rombobeorn at
Sun Jul 20 18:53:41 UTC 2008

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Björn Persson wrote:
> > Fedora isn't Linux, it's a Linux distribution, but everyone calls all
> > Linux distributions "Linux", so Fedora should be called "Linux" even
> > though it isn't Linux? Is that what you're saying? Unfortunately that
> > doesn't help much with defining what Linux *is*.
> >
> > Or do you mean that Fedora isn't *equal* to Linux, it's just *a* Linux,
> > but everyone calls all Linuxes "Linux"?
> It is kind of like the difference between a car, a Ford, and a
> Mustang. A car does not have to be a Ford to be a car. A Ford doea
> not have to be a Mustang. But it is still correct to call a Mustang
> a car.

Should I take that to mean that your concept of "Linux" is the same as Thomas 
Cameron's, whatever his concept really is?

Björn Persson

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