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Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sun Jul 20 20:35:47 UTC 2008

aakash sharma wrote:
> Hi Anne
> Thanks for the advice and help
> I just can't upgrade my RAM at least for 9 months.

Then set up a swap partition (or at least a swap file) in order to start 
swapping.  Without it, you are just going to crash when you run out of 
memory.  You should be able to use a live CD to do this if you can't do 
it during the installation process.

> All i need to do is a project on Linux. That's why I want to install Fedora.
> My project doesn't require latest features of FEDORA 9.
> So, can u tell me which version of Fedora will work somewhat smooth like 
> XP on my system.

FC1, FC2, FC3, etc   Some system which I would not recommend you run 
because they probably have very many unpatched security holes, but are 
much easier on the memory footprint.  Maybe a version of DSL Linux (Damn 
Small Linux), but you'd have to know what you need installed after that.

Try a *very* minimal install at first, installing the least necessary to 
get a running system.  You can always install what you need later, after 
you get the system up and running.

> Regarding partitioning, should a keep a logical NTFS partition before 
> installing or should I first make a primary linux ext3 partition out of it.

Linux is much happier running on a *nix type filesystem, and NTFS is not 
it.  ext3 or another *nix style fs should do you just fine.

> Please help me regarding partitioning and choosing suitable linux edition.

Partitioning should include some space for swap.  I'd put in 2-3 times 
your ram.  Do you want it to run (albeit slowly when it has to swap), or 
would you rather it crash when you run out of memory.  That's the choice 
you have to make.

> Regards
> Aakash 

Good Luck!

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