that old GNU/Linux argument

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Sun Jul 20 20:36:44 UTC 2008

Björn Persson wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Björn Persson wrote:
>>> Fedora isn't Linux, it's a Linux distribution, but everyone calls all
>>> Linux distributions "Linux", so Fedora should be called "Linux" even
>>> though it isn't Linux? Is that what you're saying? Unfortunately that
>>> doesn't help much with defining what Linux *is*.
>>> Or do you mean that Fedora isn't *equal* to Linux, it's just *a* Linux,
>>> but everyone calls all Linuxes "Linux"?
>> It is kind of like the difference between a car, a Ford, and a
>> Mustang. A car does not have to be a Ford to be a car. A Ford doea
>> not have to be a Mustang. But it is still correct to call a Mustang
>> a car.
> Should I take that to mean that your concept of "Linux" is the same as Thomas 
> Cameron's, whatever his concept really is?
> Björn Persson
No - just that I think the argument is equivalent is like 
complaining about someone calling a Mustang a car, instead of 
calling it a Ford Mustang. Calling a distribution Linux is less 
specific then calling it by the distribution name, but it is not 
less correct then calling a specific car by the generic name car.

Depending on exactly what you are talking about, you may need to be 
more specific, because the more generic term may not give enough 
details. For other discussions, being more specific will actually 
make the discussion harder.


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