Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Anders Karlsson anders at trudheim.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 21:01:31 UTC 2008

* Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com> [20080720 22:42]:
> Note that he is describing GPL v3.  Under V2 (which applies to the  
> majority of works), nothing can be in a 'work as a whole' unless the  
> exact terms of GPLv2 apply to all parts.  Of course in the case of  
> pre-existing code already under a less restrictive license, the original  
> terms remain on the original package.

Ok, thank you both for your time and explanation. I am starting to get
a sense of how it works, and I start to see why some corners of the
Software industry call the GPL "viral" and other less complimentary

I don't think I have the patience to dig in to the legal side of how
this actually works, hence why I asked.



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