Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

max maximilianbianco at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 22:43:49 UTC 2008

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 13:34 -0700, Gordon Messmer wrote:
>> Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> A rare bit of honesty there:
>>>   "In 2008, we found that GNU packages made up 15% of the “main”
>>>   repository of the gNewSense GNU/Linux distribution. Linux made
>>>   up 1.5%. So the same argument would apply even more strongly
>>>   to calling it “Linux”
>> You're reading it incorrectly, by leaving out the question:
>>     GNU is a small fraction of the system nowadays, so why should we
>>     mention it?
>> GNU is arguing, in the quote you posted, that if it is inappropriate to 
>> include GNU in the name for a GNU/Linux distribution, then it is even 
>> more strongly inappropriate to call it "Linux".  Linux is a much smaller 
>> and less significant portion of a GNU/Linux distribution than GNU is.
> Because everyone loves and admires Linus. You could take him home to Mom
> and say "This is my friend, Linus." and she'd beam with approval. Take
> RHS home to Mom for dinner.... it could get embarrassing. 

You've obviously never had dinner with my family.

Fortune favors the BOLD

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