I need help with Fedora

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 00:29:42 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 02:13 +0530, aakash sharma wrote:
> Dear Kevin
> Should I go with FEDORA or any other distribution?
> I like fedora because it's based on red hat and they are most trusted
> worldwide.
> Plus it's interface is quite cool.
> So, just guide me.

The "interface" (desktop) IS quite cool with a meg or so of memory.
It'll be slower than a turtle though, with 256K of memory, even if you
have a meg or so of swap. Maybe you'd be better served with XFCE
instead. It's minimal, but faster with low ram. I just installed CentOS
to "Mom's Machine" which is an older PIII with a Cyrix chipset with 640K
of memory. I fondly remember running RedHat on a 486 DX/2 66 with 32
megs of ram, but that was SOME time ago! Good luck! I tried installing
Damn Small Linux from a live CD and that never made the trip either. 

BTW, an install of Kubuntu and Mandrake failed miserably on "Mom's
Machine", while CentOS installed without a burp in the barrel. You might
give that a whirl if F8 or F9 don't do the job, yet want to use an RPM
based distro. Good luck! Namaskar, Ric

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