Fedora 9 and VMWare Server

Alex Katebi alex.katebi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 00:58:29 UTC 2008


Install the vmware tools first. Then go to the above web site and download &
install the open-vm-tools. Let me know if you have any peoblems. I have
installed two Fedora 9 vmware tools this way. Forget the any any stuff you
don't need that.

On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Claude Jones <cjones at levitjames.com> wrote:

> On Sun July 20 2008, Alex Katebi wrote:
> > I did it with open vmware tools. It is much better than the any any.
> could you explain? if I simply run vmserver 1.06 which I just installed, it
> returns the message telling me to run the installation file 'runme.pl' - if
> I
> run that, it returns errors. If I run the any-any patch 117, which I just
> did,
> it goes ahead with a complete build of the correct module for my running
> kernel and returns a 'completed successfully' message. how are you doing
> this
> with vmwaretools?
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> Claude Jones
> Brunswick, MD, USA
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