How to control mount options on automounted devices ?

g geleem at
Mon Jul 21 04:29:53 UTC 2008

Gregory Hosler wrote:
> How to tell the hal mounter that one disk is to be mounted with group id 
> set, and the other disk is to be mounted with exec set ?

i believe you may mean 'hal monitor'.

preset uuid or label and set hal up to recognize what you want.

> As far as I am aware, I don't think that fstab can solve this problem. :(

never said it would, but it can make a mount executable.

i was replying to your original post of;

 > How do I set mount parameters for different types of file systems or
 > for that matter devices with specific labels or ids?

now that you are asking about hal, have a look at hal handbook;

and what redhat has to say about hal. one page is;

problem is you are asking for mounts related to types of files,
*not* types of hardware. which may not be doable.

any way, you need to further your work in #4 of my first suggestions.




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